By registering to the ACBJJ events you will be sharing your contact information with event organizer



Quick overview

  • You realise martial arts & contact sports include a risk of bodily harm or worse
  • You will not look to hold the organiser accountable for any costs or claims related to injury or accidents that occurs during the event you register for
  • You accept that the organiser may use your personal data to contact you about business offers and future events.

By accepting this waiver you agree to the listed items and that you read and understand them.

Risk of bodily harm
I hereby assume full responsibility and liability for all damages, injuries and losses that I may sustain or incur while participating in or watching the Tournament/Event.

I realize that serious injury is commonplace in combat sport events such as the one I am hereby entering and that death is a possibility. I also realize that if I am injured, I might be disfigured, disabled and/or rendered unable to work again. By entering into this competition I agree to and fully accept and assume liability for any and all injuries that I may incur expressly give up and waive any and all claims that I or anyone acting on my behalf or through me might have against the organizer, it’s board members, the promoters, operators, sponsors, officials, participants, non-participants, or volunteers for any injury regardless of its nature, effect or affect on me as a result of my participation and/or presence at the Tournament/Event.

I authorize, and agree to hold harmless, whatever medical personnel that may be present at the tournament/event to take any action necessary, should I become injured.

I represent that I am in good health; that I am not presently, nor will I participate while under the influence of any drug or medication; that no one affiliated with this tournament has encouraged me to enter or made any representations regarding my fitness or ability to participate; that I have read and understood every provision of this release; and that I am legally competent to and freely enter into this waiver, release and assumption of risk agreement.

Privacy and personal data I understand that by using my Smoothcomp account to register for this event I am giving the organizer the right to contact me via newsletters, event reminders and more general promotion of offers or information.

I further understand that I am responsible for checking and must check my registration information for the event on the website on the registration list for: weight, belt, academy, age division, and name information by the specified registration check day.

I further understand that tickets might be sold to spectators to watch the event, that news media and others might cover the tournament and that it may also be videotaped or otherwise shown to audiences around the world. I hereby expressly and irrevocably forever consent to having my likeness shown, publicized, commented and/or reported on; and I do not expect to, and in fact waive any compensation I might otherwise be entitled to as a result thereof.

Disputes The organizer hereby expressly reserves the right, in its sole and absolute discretion, with or without cause to deny a potential athlete/competitor’s registration/application for permission to compete in the event. The terms athlete and/or competitor may be used interchangeably. If any dispute arises out of, or is any way related to your participation in this event, by entering your registration application, you are hereby expressly waiving and giving up your right to the filing of a lawsuit in city, state, or federal court and a trial by jury. The word “dispute” as used above refers to anything, including claims for injury (which you have already waived) that may have occurred or you claim did not occur at the event.

In case of minors under 18 years old. Furthermore, if the competitor is a minor I, hereby certify that I am parent and/or legal guardian of the above named minor who has been given my express permission to compete in the event for which we are registering. And, that I have read and understood every provision of the release of liability and that I am legally competent to and freely enter into this release of liability and assume all risk on behalf of the minor (competitor) named herein and any and all successors, assigns or any other representative acting upon the minor’s behalf.

The ACBJJ League does not recommend buying plane tickets, train tickets, paying for a hotel earlier than two weeks before the start of the any event of ACBJJ!

ACBJJ  League does not recommended to buy Non-Refundable Flights.